About FabFit

FabFit let’s its customers discover, reserve and experience the best fitness studios, sports facilities, spas and salons in their vicinity through a world-class mobile app.

Guided by the mission of maximizing potential, our goal is to make you live healthy, happy and fulfilled. Our customers are opinion leaders as they get to experience an enriching lifestyle & inspire others with the smart wellness choices they make.

We take pride in our incessant pursuit of superior customer experience and dedicate all our efforts to maximize Convenience and Flexibility for our customers. Here’s how -


Our user-friendly app enables convenient discovery and reservation of premium services. The smart appointment feature optimizes time as the user is allocated a confirmed appointment slot before they head out to avail the service.

FabFit membership is also convenient on pocket. With options to pay per class or subscribe for longer duration plans, we believe in ensuring value for the money you invest.


Our subscription plans focus on real wellness objectives of our customers. Catering to unique individual requirements, FabFit’s curated plans are tailor made to suit individuals from different personal and professional backgrounds.

Travel is an essential part of the daily routine for many. FabFit’s location flexibility feature gives you the option of availing services at any partner outlet near your current location. Relish the top-notch wellness services available in your vicinity.